Rules for our public seating area

  1. Masks must be worn in the store at all times, unless you are seated in our designated seating area. If you intend to get up from your seat your mask must be on and stay on.

    2. No Merchandise can enter the designated seating area. You must make your              purchases either before you intend sit or after you are finished sitting.

     3. If you come with a friend or family, no more than two people can sit at the tables. We cannot and will not accommodate groups or meetings.


     4 .Please inform the server when you are finished with the table so it can be sanitized for the next person.

There are no drinks allowed on the sales floor. Please wait until you are outside of the store to begin enjoying them. I will also happily accommodate any curbside pickup orders. Just be sure to mention it's for curbside when you call in the order. Thank you for your patience and understanding as I try to navigate these difficult times.

I periodically add new specialty drinks when inspiration hits me, so be sure to check back and see what's new. 
Apart from the offerings on the menu, we also have various flavors of New York Chips, Variuos snacks, and locally made baked goods. The offerings tend to change periodically.