We understand and appreciate your desire to support our business during these difficult times. We wish we could just open the doors and go back to the good old days but we have faced drastic economic hardship, loss of income for several months and the future looks very uncertain. We need to make changes to come out of this on a positive note. We hope you understand and have patience with us. Some of these changes are being made out of a desire to stay safe and healthy, we also want to protect your health and safety, and we needed to change some things because of cost and our limited resources. 



Here is an update of services that will not be returning until further notice, once we reopen. 

We have reduced occupancy in the store to no more than 5 customers at one time. Be prepared to be asked to wait outside if we have reached maximum capacity. We also expect everyone to practice social distancing. 

Public wifi, public seating will not be available until further notice. 

Special orders will be placed at our boookshop page. You can reach it here, bookshop.org/shop/bibliotechcafeperry You may also come into the store to place an order, or call it in. You just need to be sure to be able to pay with a credit or debit card. 

Tech repair will not be returning until further notice. 

The cafe menu has been streamlined. Ice Cream and Lunch will not be returning until further notice.

Birthday parties or meetings of any kind will not be returning until further notice.