• Style up the princess ponies with vibrant Play-Doh colors
  • Features Princess Celestia, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Luna
  • Grow Play-Doh hair and style with the crimper and scissors
  • Decorate the ponies' tails and wings, too
  • Includes 5 cans of colorful Play-Doh compound

Everypony is invited to the royal celebration! Join Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna in colorful Play-Doh adventures again and again in their throne room. Create colorful hairstyles for each princess by placing her on her throne and pressing down, then use the crimping tool, scissors, and lots of imagination to customize their looks. Add decorations to their hairstyles and throne room with things like gems, flowers, bows, and other fun shapes! Creative stylists can also decorate the ponies' wings and tails with Play-Doh color. When the princesses are ready to reveal their amazing hairstyles, use the textured roller to roll out a star-patterned royal rug! 

My Little Pony Canterlot Court Play Doh Playset

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